Announces Launch of Digital Platform
That Delivers a Safe and Secure Place to Store and Trade Fine Art

Welcome to Bit2Art – the revolutionary digital platform that proudly provides a safer, more secure way to store and trade fine arts and valuables. We are a Hong Kong based cryptocurrency site, catering to art/valuable holders and interested buyers – who can invest in top-ticket items worldwide.

Bit2Art was born out of a passion for Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency that’s been taking the world by storm for close to a decade. By using Bitcoin, our clients are able to work free from the limitations of a central bank. With us, you are protected and backed by powerful encryption technology that eliminates all risk.

The risk of trading high-value items and making large transactions online grows with each and every day. The more technology evolves, as does the knowledge of hackers. It’s more vital than ever to embrace an innovative solution that will never let you down.

Regardless of the ever-present dangers of buying and selling online, Bit2Art will always be here to make every transaction safe and sound.

No stress or setbacks when working with high-value online transactions. We proudly preserve our clients’ precious art for as long as they need us to. What’s more, we offer additional insurance that brings more peace of mind than ever before.

But that’s not all. Our logistics and storage services (throughout multiple countries) make Bit2Art the most secure platform for the trading of artwork and valuable goods in the digital age. We truly understand your love and passion for not just your possessions, but for your hard-earned money too.

It’s out with the old, and in with the new way of trading. Your protection is our top priority. That’s a promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep. Please feel free to start browsing our site to find out more today. Invest and store stress free, with Bit2Art.

To make your experience more enjoyable, is currently being developed. Get an overview with the beta version and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the official release date of the artworks catalog.

Famous Artists Artwork

Large selections of art works available, from Picasso to Basquiat. Contact us for more details.

About Us will also provide clients with logistics and storage services in a variety of countries today. Determined to provide protection and safety for clients above all else, the platform is positioning itself to be To date, their storage base is located in Luxembourg as well as Singapore.

Their shipping centers are currently based in New York ,Hong Kong, Paris, Luxembourg, Singapore the safest and most secure for fine arts and valuables right now.

Bitcoin will carry exclusively Bitcoin as its form of monetary exchange.

Storage & Security

Our clients can choose between either a private or a shared storage room.


Qualified and knowledgeable team advises you and takes charge of all aspects of your shipments .

Emerging Contemporary Artists